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How to create thumb-stopping corporate videos

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Spoiler: Storyboarding is only part of the puzzle Whether you’re featuring it on your social media accounts or publishing it on a big screen, a corporate video is the best way to tell your viewers what you’re about, and what you’ve got to offer. It seems relatively easy to create too – just point your camera and shoot. Or top it up with a storyboard to make sure you’ve got all your scenes covered. While that’s essentially what we do at corporate video shoots, it’s only part of the puzzle. It involves research, writing, editing, graphic design, sound design, and a whole lot of creativity. That’s if you’re looking to create one that leaves a mark. Instead of featuring a laundry list of products and services you can offer, corporate videos should first be relevant and relatable. Gone are the straightlaced and awfully dry explainer videos that no one wants to watch. Entertain and inspire your audience with corporate videos that truly stop thumbs in a sea of online content. Ninemer’s 3-Question Checklist to Thumb-Stopping Corporate Videos Ready to start filming? With our recent video shoot with @StarmedSpecialistCentre as a reference, these were the 3 main questions we asked ourselves before embarking on the project:

What defines my brand?

Think speed-dating. You only have 30 seconds to impress your date – what would you say or do? Surely, you wouldn’t want to spend that valuable time just rattling on about your products and services. Your consumer or fellow business partner wants to know who you are. Think:

  • What do I bring to the table? What am I doing that others are not, or not yet?

  • What do I stand for and how am I showing it? For instance, if I’m a green fashion company, what steps am I taking towards eco-sustainability and waste reduction

  • How do I appear to my audience? Am I warm and inviting, or cool and sleek

What do I want to achieve? Content without a goal and purpose gets lost or tuned out eventually. Depending on your brand’s maturity, you could be raising awareness, seeking engagement, or generating leads. Plan with SMART goals – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely.

Which styles would suit what I’m trying to convey? This is the fun part. The world is your oyster with endless creative styles to choose from – walk-throughs, hand- drawn illustrations, stop-motion, typography, animated charts, and more! Of course, the artistic direction should align with your subject matter and goal.

Need a little more help? Tap us as content creation is our specialty. Don’t be shy to drop us an email/message on how you’d like to take your brand to the next level.



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