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Go-Ahead Singapore


Grow brand awareness of Go-Ahead Singapore and solidify their position as a key provider within Singapore's public transport landscape and be recognised as an inclusive, innovative and caring transport provider and employer. 

Our scope:

Strategy and counsel (including issue and crisis management), media engagement and planning, digital engagement


  • With a few competitors in a strictly controlled public transport sector, we needed to provide Go-Ahead with more brand visibilty as well as help them be recognised for their CSR programmes. We also needed to demonstrate to the public that they are a sustainable brand that cares for the environment, people and exists to serve the commuters.


  • Successfully launched Go-Ahead Singapore’s solar panel buses; secured a total of 27 media hits with a total PR value of over S$700k.​

  • Curated PR and social media stories featuring employees' roles and responsibilities, industry trends and new initiatives unique to Go-Ahead Singapore, to foster positive reputation and resonance with the general public and corporate partners. ​

  • Boosted Go-Ahead’s Facebook page followers from 9,045 to 10,485 (+15.92%) from Mar – Dec 2021


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