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Driving Careers: Collaborating with Go-Ahead Singapore on a Recruitment Creative Campaign

In the ever-evolving landscape of talent acquisition, one thing remains constant - the power of a well-executed creative campaign. Today, we take a closer look at our dynamic partnership with Go-Ahead Singapore, a leading local public transport provider and subsidiary of the Go-Ahead Group, one of the UK's prominent public transport companies with an international presence.

In 2023, we embarked on a recruitment campaign to attract new talent to join Go-Ahead Singapore and reflect the organisation’s values.

Our creative campaign made its debut across multiple channels, including Go-Ahead Singapore's social media platforms, website, eye-catching banners at bustling bus interchanges, and beautifully printed brochures.

A testament to its success, Maggie Shek, Head of Human Resources at Go-Ahead Singapore, shared her thoughts on the campaign, "This campaign was impactful, it attracted talents who resonated with our values and mission."

The collaboration between Ninemer Communications and Go-Ahead Singapore exemplifies the incredible potential of working together. Through a shared vision, creative thinking, meticulous execution, and great team rapport, we delivered a recruitment campaign that brought business results for Go-Ahead Singapore as an employer of choice.

We are immensely thankful for the opportunity to contribute to Go-Ahead Singapore's continued success and look forward to more innovative ventures ahead.


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